Square in December – Time – Day 27


Square in December – Time – Day 27

Cockerels are not great timekeepers

For the month of December, Becky has prompted us with the word ‘time’. To see more entries and join in the fun, just click the above link. Thanks so much, Becky!


A teeny tiny alarm clock that is on a charm bracelet I made one time. I like making up some inexpensive jewelry pieces. This was just a simple chain, and I bought a few little charms to attach with jump rings.

As usual, the lighting in here is terrible, so even with trying to brighten this photo up, it still looks brownish. The bracelet is actually all a pretty silver color.



“Time Machine,” by Grand Funk Railroad, was released as a single from their first studio album, “On Time”, in 1969. It was produced by Terry Knight, and is on the Capitol Records label.



Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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    • I don’t remember hearing it before, either, even though we had a tape of their music. I like it. Seeing some others of their songs listed, I did see there were several that had the word ‘time’ in the titles. Interesting. Thanks, Bill!


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