What’s in the Box # 6


What’s in the Box #


What’s in the Box? #6



I have a lot of boxes out in the garage, and in my closet that have been there for a long time. I thought it might be interesting to have a look inside, and post what all I find.

Some of these boxes are my stored away things, and some are boxes of saved stuff from my parents and grand-parents. It should be fun to see these long lost treasures.

I’ll be posting a new revelation as often as possible, with a few pictures, up until I either get tired of it, or run out of stuff. There are a lot of things to look through.

Hope you enjoy my ‘show & tell’ series! 🙂

Let’s have a look!


This is a box of things my granny kept.


~you can click on the pictures to enlarge~



First up is this baby garment.

It had a note pinned to it that reads:


Made out of Aunt Annies slip – which was about 15 years or more… 1925

NR is my father, and I don’t know who Aunt Annie is.

If the little dress was made from her slip that was at least 15 years old, it makes the slip made about 1910. So this garment is 108 years old. It is in really good shape, with only a little yellowing of the fabric.


This is a handkerchief, that was embroidered by my Aunt Nina in 1942, according to the note pinned to it. (Nina made this 1942) So, it is 76 years old.


World War II Ration Book. These were issued in 1942. In reading about them, I found that every American citizen was issued one, and in order to purchase goods like sugar, and other commodities, clothing, and gasoline, you had to have these books with the little stamps to tear off.


Toys, including little Army men, trucks, a tin soldier with a machine gun, and an airplane. There is something that looks like a real bullet? Definitely not a toy!



Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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