2 Christmas Books


2 Christmas Books


There are 2 books that I just have to read and have re-read every Christmas season. I dig them out of the far corners of my bookshelf, and can’t wait to start reading them again. I mean, it’s been a whole year since I last read them. I haven’t gotten tired of them, even though I know what they are all about.

Here are the 2 books. They are both a lot of fun to read. Both of them are laugh out loud funny, too.

First is, “Skipping Christmas”, by John Grisham.

It has also been made into a very good movie, which I’ve seen, starring Jamie Lee Curtis, and Tim Allen. You may have seen the movie, “Christmas With the Kranks”, which follows the book very well, but as with all books made into movies, there’s extra fun in reading the original books.


The next one is, “An Idiot Girl’s Christmas”, by Laurie Notaro. She’s one of my favorite authors, as I’ve read all her books, and this one is just as good. She writes short essays of her true life adventures, and they most all have a humorous take on her life. This one is all about the funny things that happen at Christmas time.


Anyway, just thought I’d share a couple of fun reads with you, for when you have a little time to settle in with some laughs. 🙂


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  1. I don’t have any Christmas book reads…oh, wait, yes I do. The Doomsday Book by Connie Willis. Leave it to me to have a book about the black death being at the top of my Christmas TBR pile!

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