Random Post # I can’t remember


Random Post # I can’t remember


One – There’s a balancing point, it seems for me, between having way too many emails and blogs to be read, and being all caught up, with nothing new to read. I still don’t know which is the best.

Two – Some parts of a day pass really fast, but other parts of the day go by so slowly. Why is that?

Three – Three is still the magic number.

Four – Every day we ask what’s for lunch, what’s for supper, and nothing sounds good…ever.

Five – Do TV ad marketers really think that playing the same imbecilic ads multiple times will drum up business?

Six – Clumsy should be my middle name.

Seven – Just looking at my email notices, and the oldest one I’ve never deleted is from May, 15, 2014. It was a reminder that my Tumblr site was a year old. I haven’t looked at it in all these years. Does anyone still use Tumblr? I couldn’t really figure it out. Is it a dinosaur of the internet?

***Now I have these lines on here, and don’t know how to delete them.




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  1. Three really is the magic number and my grandson delights in getting us all riled up by telling us randomly that three is not the magic number. 🙂

  2. People still use Tumblr, it’s actually quite popular. And ads really do drum up business. Otherwise, companies wouldn’t spend money on them (I briefly worked for an advertising company as a temp, you learn a lot in six months).

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