Neon Sign Photo Challenge – November


Neon Sign Photo Challenge – November

TammyB, at the following link has started a new photo challenge. Looks like fun!

We are to find neon signs, vintage or newer ones. The link above has the details.

I did first see this on another blog…Cactus Haiku, where you can find here:


    • This months prompts are:


Starts or ends with the Letter S




These fit two of the prompts this month, as three sign’s word ends in letter S, and three are Red.

Arcade Prizes

Restaurant sign

Town Topic Hamburgers, Kansas City MO

Chubby’s Diner, Kansas City MO



Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  2. Winner’s choice is a fun one. I was looking through the door trying to see the prizes, lol. Oooh and look at all the dollar bills in with the Jazz. OH a hamburder place sign! Great idea we have a few of those although we don’t have Town Topic Hamburgers. Laughing at Chubby’s — telling it like it is.

    • Thanks! This looks to be a fun challenge, and now I’ll be looking for neon signs everywhere!
      We didn’t play any arcade games, but we did do bowling.
      The Jazz restaurant is Cajun food, and it’s a thing there that they have the whole place (walls & ceiling) covered in dollar bills that people have written something on. Chubby’s – haha- yep, but good old fashioned diner food there. Glad you enjoyed seeing these. 🙂

      • Oh tht sounds cool with the dollar bills and the writing. You should definitely post a pic of that sometime. It sounds unique. We have a restaurant here that if you wear a tie, they cut it off and hang it on my ceiling. it was a thing with my dad to try to get his out-of-town visitors to wear a tie when they went there. My dad was a bit of a prankster

      • All those dollar bills are something to see there. I try to estimate how many, and it must be in the thousands by now. I wonder if anyone has actually counted?
        The necktie cutting restaurant sounds pretty unique! Fun thing to do, and I like places that are different like this. 🙂

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