Listen – Song Lyric Sunday – Soul


Listen – Song Lyric Sunday – Soul IMG_1345

Song Lyric Sunday Theme for 11/11/18


For today’s SLS, Helen has given us the prompt word, ‘soul’. Thanks, Helen!

If you like music, then by all means, join in this weekly challenge. We get to hear all kinds of great music, old & new, and discuss our thoughts. Click the above link to get started.


There’s several ways to go with this one, I think. You can have ‘soul’ in the title of a song, ‘soul’ in the lyrics of the song, or the song can be classified as ‘soul’ music. There were a lot of good songs to choose from. The one I chose has ‘soul’ in the lyrics, and the band’s name.


A little bit of a funny story about not this album, but another one of theirs, “Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid”. Wiki

I heard their song, “Shine” on the radio, and I didn’t know who sang it, so I called the station to ask. They were very helpful, telling me that it was Collective Soul, and I could have a copy of the cassette tape, if I wanted to come get it. Well, wow! I said sure, and off I went.

Now, we lived in a little town 30 miles from where the radio station was located, but why not take a little trip, to collect my free, Collective Soul tape. So, I did. I still have it, too. There’s some really good songs on there.

I read later, that this was their debut album, and it was released as it was, as a demo record.

Later on, I did get the album that my featured song is from today. I still like all their music.

I couldn’t really find much about why they wrote this song, or it’s meaning. Some commenters were saying it’s about love lost, or misunderstandings, and things like that, which it could be.

However, my take on it is a reflection of how the world is today, even though the song was written in 1996. Has anything changed much over the years. Not much. People everywhere have been having conflict and misunderstandings for eons, yet still profess they want to live in a peaceful world. (except maybe some war mongers who relish and covet power over others).

We should stop and actually listen…open your mind to other possibilities, and solutions, and opinions. It may not change your own perspectives, but it could open up conversations and resolutions, perhaps?


“Listen”, by Collective Soul, was released as a single from their album, “Disciplined Breakdown”, in 1996. It was written by Ed Roland, and is on the Atlantic label.



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