Flower of the Day – Before & After


Flower of the Day – Before & After


It may be Fall, and we’ve had one small freeze so far, but the dandelions are still doing their thing out in the yard.


For Cee’s Flower of the Day:

FOTD – November 1, 2018 – Spring Delight


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    • Not looking forward to winter, and we do get all four seasons here, some years more intense than others. It’s the transition time…heater part of the day, A/C the other part. Thanks, Sandee! ❤

      • Completely agree!

        Some people need to see the fine detail, others like to see just the ‘big picture’ – i’m definitely a detail kind of guy! 🙂

        Photography helps you see both extremes – and all points in between… we get to better appreciate when one is appropriate and when another is more so.

        But i still prefer being able to fully expand a photo! 😉

      • I like both ways, too. The big picture, and then a closer look, and sometimes finding a tiny surprise like an insect. And then, the middle of flowers are really interesting to see close up. 🙂

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