Gimme Little Sign – Song Lyric Sunday – Give/Giving


Gimme Little Sign – Song Lyric Sunday – Give/Giving IMG_1345

Song Lyric Sunday Theme for 10/28/18


Our prompt word for SLS is ‘give/giving’. Thanks, Helen!

This is a really catchy song to sing along to, and I like that I found a cool video with the lyrics already on there. I always liked this song. I’m sure we all know that ‘gimme’ as in the title is a way of saying ‘give me’, so that works with the prompts today.


“Gimme Little Sign,” by Brenton Wood, was released from his album, “Oogum Boogum”, in 1967. It was written by Alfred Smith (Brenton Wood’s real name), Joe Hooven, and Jerry Winn, and is on the Double Shot label.



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    • Oh, how wonderful! So happy you liked it and that it brought back a great memory!
      I really thought I had the actual 45, as I do still have a lot of mine, so I went to look for it, but couldn’t find it today. It was such a big deal to get our record players and those 45s and LPs back then. 🙂

      • Very cool you remember your first record player! I don’t remember mine, and then we had different stereos with turntables. But, my daughters had a yellow one…it was like a small box, and had Sesame Street Burt & Ernie pictures. We all used it for years! 🙂

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