Countdown to Halloween – Day 12


Countdown to Halloween – Day 12


Sorry, this one looks messy, but really…how do you paint fog on a rock? 🙂


Poem # 12



I could bury your lost soul in fog,

The mists of time mysterious…

Seeping through my brain’s lament,

You make me most delirious.

I will not bury you now,

To let you rot away…

You are the beating of my heart,

And there you’ll always stay.

As I release you out of my mind,

I see you in my dream…

A ghost upon my psyche…

So present, yet still unseen.

I cried when you were finished, then…

But never were you diminished…

A breath of life I gave to you,

And now you are replenished.

I write your story on my soul,

To bring you back to life…

A supernatural being, now

free of pain and strife.

Your cryptic ghostly wanderings,

Your still alive remains…

I write your story on my soul,

And sing your sad refrains.


~this is an elegy poem~


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2018 BS

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