Pull Up a Seat # 4


Pull Up a Seat # 4 Pull_up-_a_Seat-Badge

Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge-Week 4


Photo Challenge of places we sit…or might sit…or art about sitting

Pull up a seat photo challenge-Week 1


Here’s a new and interesting photo challenge from Kate at Xingfumama … To find out details, click the above links. 🙂


These are the bench, chairs, and table at Rosa’s Mexican Restaurant. We eat lunch there quite often. The food is good, and so many pretty decorations in there, including wall art, pottery, flowers, lizard art, and more. Always fun to go there.


~ note~

Heather, of Dinosaurs, Donkeys, and MS, asked if I could post photos of the chairs at this restaurant. Very happy to say we went back there yesterday, and I took these especially for you!

You can find Heather & Dizzy blogging at this link:



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    • That would be sad to see the pretty chairs broken up in a brawl! I love how they decorated the restaurant. There are more than one of them here in town, and all are decorated the same. 🙂


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