Square in September – Pacifier


Square in September – Pacifier

Square in September


Well, here we have a baby’s pacifier. It belonged to one of my grand-kids, and was accidentally left over here at our house a long time ago.

I was curious as to what people call these, and was surprised at the many lists of names they are known by. We always just called it their ‘paci’ or ‘passie’, but I’ve heard it called a ‘binky’.

It’s funny, too, that some babies really like them, while others won’t take them at all.


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    • Thanks, Becky!
      I think I’ve read that dummy is a pretty common term, but I’ve never heard anyone I know use it. On the lists I’d read, there are some really creative words for them, some coined by the parents, and some from the slightly older children themselves. 🙂

    • Thanks, Heather!
      Interesting how many people call them dummies. I saw that they are sometimes called ‘soothers’, too. Whatever they call them, if a child is in the habit of sucking on one, you sure don’t want to lose it. We lost a lot of them when the girls were little, and had to quickly get more. 🙂

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