10 Essential Kitchen Items


10 Essential Kitchen Items


Just ran across a couple of my favorite blogs, and found … kitchen lists!

I believe Laura got it started with her post on “Riddle From the Middle” (link below).

gratitude: 10 items from the kitchen

Then, I saw that Melanie posted her own list on “Sparksfromacombustiblemind” (link below).


Go check them out…their lists are different from mine, and so fun to read! 🙂 I agree with most all they listed, so will name different things here.


My list of 10 Essential Kitchen Items are:

Small food thermometer.

I use this every day, to see if I’ve gotten the food heated to the right temperature. I’m so paranoid about under done food, it sure helps put my mind at ease. Seems everything you cook has a recommended temp. to achieve, and now I can be sure.

Small wire strainer.

I use mine a lot, well…to strain things. I can’t eat small seeds, so I use the strainer to filter them out, whether wet foods or dry foods. Case in point would be picante sauce. It is so yummy, but is full of tomato seeds. Also, packets of spice combos have tiny pepper seeds in there, so I filter them out, while the rest of the flavorings strain through, leaving the seeds behind.

Pot holders.

I couldn’t imagine not having a pot holder to grab onto hot pots and pans. I guess I could use a towel, but those mitten type pot holders are the best.


For me it is essential for heating up food and coffee. I don’t like cold, or semi-warm of either, so use the microwave a lot. I used to have one of those giant sized ones, and it definitely came in handy in the past. We rented a place that had no stove, and we didn’t have one to install, so I cooked everything in that big ‘ol microwave. Except for frying things, it worked great. For frying, I used our Stir Crazy popcorn popper!

Knives, Forks, & Spoons.

I sure am glad we have these eating utensils. Do you have your favorite ones to use? I do, and look for those every time. Don’t take my little fork, and big spoon!

Kitchen table.

We hardly ever eat at the kitchen table any more, but we sure do use that table a lot. It’s where we work our jigsaw puzzles, and fold up laundry, and do crafts, and pile up papers before we have to deal with them.

Good silicone spatulas.

I never knew how useful these were, until we got some. I’d usually had the regular kind of plastic, but they were so easy to melt when they got too hot while stirring something. These silicone ones don’t melt and we use them all the time.

Kitchen timer alarm bell.

I’m forever going off and leaving something cooking on the stove or in the oven, and then completely forgetting about it. If I didn’t have the alarm ringing for the set time, I’d have even more food burned.

Cotton dish towels.

I never have enough of these. I use them for pretty much everything, even when a paper towel is handy. I need to get some new ones, as the ones I have now are getting raggedy. I used to embroidery cute pictures on plain white cotton flour sack dish towels, to give for gifts to people at Christmas. They are sturdy, and last a long time. Just regular terry cloth dish towels are great, too.

Real Aluminum baking pans.

There are lots of kinds of baking pans, but I’ve always liked the aluminum ones. They are getting hard to find, though. We looked for some pie pans, and couldn’t find any. I have quite a few really old ones, and it seems the older they are, the better they are. I have muffin tins, and pie pans, and cookie sheets, and square pans, and round ones, too. Some I’ve had for years, and some belonged to my grandma. These are the real deal! They don’t rust, and they aren’t the teflon kind that scratch. If you ever find some old ones, they are worth it.


That’s all for my list, though I know I could think of more. What would you like to list as favorite items in the kitchen?


Thanks for visiting! Peace

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  1. Ooh, I just bought my first instant thermometer and it is AWESOME. I’m kind of spazzy about meat temps, too, and this helps so much. No more guessing if something’s done. Great list! 🙂

  2. Oh yes – I use my strainers a lot. Microwave for heating coffee and food because I make big pots of a dish and eat it until it’s gone. All kinds of silicone kitchen utensils. Most of my pans and storage dishes are glass.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! You read all my ‘bests’ of kitchen tools, but I’ve found even more by reading these other posts…AND one or two that I’m going to buy! Never can have enough kitchen stuff…. 😉

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