Kammie’s Odd-Ball Photo Challenge


Kammie’s Odd-Ball Photo Challenge



Yesterday afternoon, as we were driving home, we saw these 3 school busses stopped on the side of the road. One had broken down, I think, as the front end hood was raised up. Anyway, the other busses had arrived to transfer the children from that bus, to the other ones, so they could get on their way home. We were at a stop sign there at the intersection, and traffic was at a standstill in 3 different directions, and cars were in long lines waiting to be able to continue. That’s good, as we are required to stop when busses are letting the kids on or off the bus. It did take quite awhile, though.

Kind of hard to see, but looking out my kitchen window I saw this orange kitty peeking through the fence. He did come on through after a minute or two.


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