RDP – Ragtag Daily Prompt – Fair


RDP – Ragtag Daily Prompt – Fair



We have a fair that comes to town every year at the end of September. It has all the usual fun things to do and see as most any fair, such as amusement rides of all kinds, carnival games, side shows, and good food to eat. There are also lots of stalls with interesting things to buy.

When I was in elementary school, we’d get free tickets to go to the fair. Here’s one of mine.

There are also livestock and flower, and farmer’s harvest exhibits to see. There are separate buildings for these, and also a merchant’s building. In there you can see all kinds of vendors selling their newest products. Another building is for crafts that people have made, like art, cakes,and canning foods. Antiques & relics displays are one of my favorite to look at. I’ve even entered some of mine, and won a few ribbons. Plus they pay you if you win a ribbon. It’s just a small amount, but fun to get.

One time I had a job making muzzles for sheep. The lady who showed her sheep in the fair used the ones I made.

There is also a building for music concerts. There are usually several well known entertainers who perform on successive nights at the fair. I’ve seen Charlie Pride a few times, and also Dwight Yoakum there.

On the off season, at the fair grounds, they would turn one of the buildings into a skating rink. It was called Fairpark Skating Rink. I’d go there every Friday night with my friends, to have fun skating, and listening to music. This is one place that Buddy Holly played his music, in the very early days.

We haven’t gone to the fair in a few years, though. Still, at this time of year it just seems like fair weather, when the days are hot, but you can tell there is a change coming toward Autumn, and it’s my favorite time of the year.


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