Flower of the Day – ???


Flower of the Day – ???


I saw this at the garden center around the cacti section, but it doesn’t look like those. As usual, I failed to read the tags or label, so I have no idea what this one is. I like the look of it though. See…it’s pretty blurry in the second photo, but there it is just hanging out with his cactus and succulent  friends.



For Cee’s Flower of the Day:

Flower of the Day – August 25, 2018 – Dahlia


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      • There’s an app you can get – it’s called PlantSnap. You can take the photo on the spot or select one from your gallery. You zoom in on the flower and some of the leaves, then click. The app then matches your photo with whatever it resembles most. They usually give you a couple of choices or you can ask for more in order to correctly identify it. But in my experience the app usually identifies it correctly right away.


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