Flower of the Day – Crepe Myrtle


Flower of the Day – Crepe Myrtle


We went out to my aunt’s farm yesterday, where I saw this really pretty Crepe Myrtle bush. She had to tell me what it was, because I didn’t know. We also saw some jack rabbits over by another Crepe Myrtle bush (it had mostly finished blooming), and there were prairie dogs in the field. I didn’t get a photo of them, though, as they scampered away too fast.



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  1. My crepe myrtle is a huge tree. I guess that’s because I’m the crazy tree lady. But there are some branches that hand over like tresses, so I do get to see the pink flowers sometimes, especially when they fall and cover the sidewalk. Lovely trees, uh, bushes.


    • Thanks, Sandee!
      I’ve seen these here and there around town, just never knew what they were called. We’re getting good rain today, so maybe my honeysuckle will be revived. It’s been so dry, it was about gone. 🙂

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  2. My favorite! Our town is famous for them. We have more varieties than any other city. We have a park dedicated to them and of course, the McKinney Trail of Crepe Myrtles. It’s a big deal here. When they are in full bloom tmyoucan see visitors from around the world touring and taking pictures. Ours is lavender but have always loved the hot pink ones. My new love is the ones with deep deep red blooms. Look like velvet. ❤️ We should bring you one next time we visit! Easy to start.


    • Oh, how cool, Kelly! I didn’t know that about McKinney, but what a wonderful idea, to have a lot of them to see and take photos of. I’ll bet the deep red ones are so beautiful! Sure, bring us one, and I’ll try to keep it going. That Virginia Creeper y’all planted is still going great on the fence. So pretty in the fall when the leaves turn red. 🙂


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