Escapist Coloring Club – August


Escapist Coloring Club – August

The Escapist Coloring Club Prompt – August 1, 2018


Time for the August update on the Escapist Coloring Club, hosted by Linda G. Hill.

Thanks, Linda, for giving us a place to showcase our pages!


I haven’t done much coloring lately, and haven’t finished a couple I showed earlier in June or July. But, I did do this one the past few days, plus a little doodle in a small spiral book, just for fun.

On these, I am still using the twist up colored pencils, and I still like them a lot. I’d been using the Crayola brand, and I also got some cheaper brand, and you know what? The cheaper ones color good, but they break off too easy, or won’t twist up like they should. I’ll probably just stick to the ‘good’ brand from now on.


And, this one I started a couple of nights ago from another dollar store book.



Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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