RDP #75 – Blue


RDP #75 – Blue



Today, for the RDP prompt, we have the word, ‘blue’, and can use it any which way we want.

I know I’ve posted this song before, but it’s what came to mind with the ‘blue’ prompt.

I like this song a lot, because it was the theme song for my Jr./Sr. prom. The song was popular at the time, and I was on the decorating committee, along with some others. The photos are a few of the mementos I saved in my scrapbook. We had the napkins printed with the words, ‘L’amour est bleu’, and also the little autograph booklet. It was also the colors of our school, which was blue and silver.


“L’amour est bleu”, by Claudine Longet, was written in 1967 by Pierre Cour, and sung by Claudine Longet in 1968. It is on the A & M label.




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