#RDP #74 – Zest


#RDP #74 – Zest



Today for the RDP challenge, the word is ‘zest’.

What to say about zest?

All I can think of is soap. Zest soap. I might have used it before, but can’t remember. I think the ads they ran on TV and in magazines are to make you feel all zesty or something. Maybe it would give you a burst of energy to lather up with their zesty smelling soap?


Oh, there’s the zest you can grate off of a lemon or orange to put in a dish of food you’re cooking. I’ve probably done that a time or two. I don’t go around zesting fruits on a regular basis, though.


There is a saltine cracker called Zesta. I’ve probably had those at one time or another, but usually we get another brand. I don’t know why, as saltines by any name are all about the same, aren’t they?


~warning~spur of the moment bad poem ahead…


Lather up with Zest

Their ads say it’s the best

It gives you a fruity feeling

Orange or lemon zest

It’s easier than peeling

You may say this is crackers, and

Poetry is not for slackers


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2018 BS


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  1. I was singing the Zestfully clean jingle when I saw the word. Those ads were all over TV back in the day! It looked like something I wanted to avoid because strongly perfumed hygiene products mess with my allergies…


    • It’s true, those catchy ad jingles get stuck in your head, and we can recall them at a moments notice. Some are fun, and then there are some that are so annoying you wish you’d never heard them!
      Sorry about your allergies.


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