RDP # 72 – Cat


RDP #72 – Cat



I’ve been meaning to do these Ragtag Daily Prompts, so for my first one today, the word is ‘cat’, and well, I love cats of all kinds.


This is a picture I painted a long time ago.

I’ve always known the tiger is my spirit animal.

This is a poem I wrote about it years ago.



In misty dreams you came to me

When I was only two or three

A forest dark, and deep, and green

I wondered what my dreams could mean

You were my friend, my Spirit kin

A guardian without, a guardian within

I was born into your year

Tiger Spirit always near

Magnificent eyes, shining bright

I weep at what now’s your plight

Endangered in this cruel world

Victim of the weapons hurled

If only we could be at peace

Return to dreams without surcease

To that mystery forest in the night

We could try to again make it right

I know that you will always be

In my dreams

A part of me


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2018 BS


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    • Thanks so much, Carol!
      I go in phases of painting a lot, then not doing any for awhile. The last I’ve done was painting on rocks. I like doing these and leaving them around town for others to find. 🙂

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      • He comes to me, my crocodile, only in my dreams. He’s a voice of wisdom. He’s reassuring.
        When I explained it to a friend, she suggested the ‘spirit animal’ thing to me — I was around 30.


      • How wonderful!
        Yes, I believe that’s how you know…they come to you in dreams. I don’t think you can just pick one, as they choose you, and come when you need them.


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