Fur Baby & Pet Questions


Fur Baby & Pet Questions


I’m sure by now you know I love answering questions, so when I saw that Willow had posed some about our pets, I was Yay!

Willow can be found blogging at, “Patience of Willow”, at the following link. Thanks for the fun questions!

Questions about the furbabies


I first saw these questions and answers from Melanie, at, “Sparksfromacombustiblemind”. She’d got them from Willow.

Melanie can be found blogging at the following link.



Do you have any pets? If so, what kind? Right now we have one cat, named Cricket. We also have a bunch of outdoor cats that come and go that we feed.

2. How long have you had your current pet(s)? We’ve had Cricket for 8 years (will be 9 years in October)

3. What’s the longest period of time you’ve lived with a pet? I’ve always had a pet of some kind or other. We recently lost one of our cats, Paolo, and he’d been with us for 21 years.

4. What type of animals do you generally gravitate towards when adopting pets? Cats and dogs.

5. What type of animal do you think is the easiest to care for as a pet? Cats

6. Do any of your pets have annoying habits that you can’t break them of? I don’t think Cricket has any annoying habit.

7. What, in your opinion, is the most difficult thing about being a pet owner? Saying see ya later (good-by) when they cross the Rainbow Bridge.

8. Do any of your animals have amusing traits that are particular to them? Cricket loves to be brushed every day. She’ll get in her favorite spot, and meow for me to hurry up, already.

9. Which type of pet do you think requires the most care? Dogs.

10. Was there a furbaby that you bonded with more closely than any other? I love them all equally. They all have their own personalities.

11. Do you spoil your pets? In what way? Just the usual, feeding, grooming, playing with, and talking to them.

12. How do your pets react to strangers in the yard? at the door? in the house? Cricket doesn’t care who’s in the yard, but if they come to the door or into the house, she will hiss at them, and then run and hide.

13. Do you tend to anthropomorphize your animals? If so, how far do you take it? For example: Do you dress them in clothing? Oh, I’m sure I do. And, a few years I made Halloween costumes for all our cats and dogs. They didn’t mind, at all, and I’d take their picture. That was it.

14. Have you ever had what are considered “unusual” or exotic pets? My daughter had a box turtle, named Herbie. He lived with us for many years, then when we moved, he either wandered out of the yard & got lost down by the lake, or he got stolen. I still think it was the latter.

15. How old were you when you (or your family) adopted your first pet? My family had a dog when I was a year old. Her name was Cindy, and I do remember her, and have pictures.

16. What’s the most trouble you can remember a pet getting into? Our basset hounds would find any food/or chocolate candy wrapped up under the Christmas tree, and tear the wrapping off and eat it. We finally put chicken wire (I decorated it with ribbon) around the tree, to keep the dogs out.

17. There is no question 17. (the cat ate it) Hee-Hee!

18. What does your relationship with your furbaby mean to you? I love all the animals we ever had. It would be weird not to have one to play with and talk to.

19. How do your pets react when you sing and/or dance? Cricket just looks at me and goes back to sleep. The dogs we used to have would jump around being happy.

20. Have you ever adopted a pet and found out you didn’t get along with them? What did you do? No.

21. Where do your pets sleep in relation to you? Do they have their own bed, or do you allow them to share yours? Our pets have always slept anywhere they wanted. They’ve had their own bedding, but usually slept with us in our bed, or on the couch.

22. How do you come up with names for your pets? I love naming pets, and come up with lots of them. There is their actual name, then a bunch of nicknames, funny names, and topic names such as ‘wild west names’, ‘wrestler names’, ‘royalty names’, etc. For our pedigreed Basset hound, we added a version of her mom & dad names to hers. She was registered as, ‘Maggie Odio Sissybeau Bonz’. (her mom’s name was Sissy, and her Dad’s was Beaureguard)

23. Putting aside money and sanitary issues — If you could fill your house and property with animals, what type would they be? Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, some reptiles, and lots of farm animals. I wouldn’t want any wild or endangered ones at my house.

24. What was the most expensive pet you’ve ever adopted? We’ve had two Basset hounds, and they were both over $100. That is just the beginning of expenses of pet care, as there is food, shelter, vet visits, and whatever else comes up, for many years.

25. What, in your opinion, is the best thing about adopting animals into your home? Fun, laughter, companionship, and the best…love.


If you would like to answer these interesting questions, feel free to do so! I’d love to read your answers!


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. Thanks for answering my questions! I liked your answers. 🙂 I love having cats. And I love My Mister. It turns out though, that I’m highly allergic. >_< After Mister passes, I probably won't get another.


    • Thanks so much, Willow!
      These were fun questions to answer and I enjoyed doing them.
      Sorry you’re allergic, as cats (and dogs) are fun to have around.
      Anytime you have more questions, I’ll be happy to answer them. 🙂


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