Writing – 10 Day Photo Challenge – Day 2


Writing – 10 Day Photo Challenge – Day 2



Thanks for hosting this 10 Day Photo Challenge, Cassia!

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For today’s subject of the photo challenge, we have the word ‘writing’.

I think people’s handwriting changes over the years, and I know mine did. I once got in trouble at school, because I slanted my writing to the left, instead of the right, like they wanted us to. Later on, I guess we weren’t graded on our handwriting, so we just wrote however we wanted. It seems fine however you write, as long as you can read it.

For a few years I took shorthand writing, and that was fun. I used to be good at it, but now I’ve forgotten most of it. At one job I had, I took shorthand dictation for letters, and then typed them up.

An interesting job to have would be to analyze handwriting samples, but I don’t know how they’d do it. I know I write a bit different every time I do write something.

I’m not sure what we are supposed to show here, but here’s some of mine.


Writing when I was 8 years old

Writing when I was 10 years old

Writing now


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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    • Thanks! To me hand writing things down is fun. I like lettering styles and like to practice them, too. I agree, typing on a keyboard is so much easier, and there’s no mistaking what the letters are, unlike handwriting sometimes. 🙂

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  1. Nice handwriting, all of them. Mine, as well, has changed along the time. Some people say that the handwriting can say lots about the personality of the writer. Not sure, but I’ve realized that depending on my mood my handwrite changes.


    • Thanks! I think everyone’s handwriting is distinctive to each one, because I usually know who wrote whatever it is, just by the way they write the letters. That’s a great thought, that our mood will change how we form the letters, and I believe that is true! 🙂

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