Stream of Consciousness Saturday – SOCS – Tea/T/Tea


Stream of Consciousness Saturday – SOCS – Tea/T/Tea

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 28/18


Happy Saturday! Here’s what our fabulous hostess, Linda G. Hill, has given us for the prompt. Thanks, Linda!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “T, tea, tee.” Theme your post around “tea” or “tee,” or find a word that starts with “T” and talk about that. Bonus points if you manage to incorporate all three. Enjoy!


To admit I’m a tea drinker isn’t difficult. I have a glass of iced tea with me almost all the time. Only if I’m having coffee or milk, do I not have my tea. I’ve tried it hot, but not a big fan of it that way. Just ice cold tea will do. Maybe I should try it hot more often, though.


Tees, as in golf tees, are always around here. The mister is a golfer, so we have lots of tees. I tried golfing a couple of times, and it was okay, but really I’d much rather just drive the golf cart around. That part was fun.



Then, there are the double T words, of which there are too many to tangle with at this time. (9 words starting with letter T in that sentence)

Here’s one we see around town all the time. The double T of Texas Tech University.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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    • It is fun driving the cart. I tried playing a couple of times, but didn’t think it was all that fun. All they guys in my family were golfers…cousins, uncles, my dad, and husband, so I’ve learned much more about golf than I ever wanted to know. Too many rules! haha 🙂


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