Ice – One Liner Wednesday


Ice – One Liner Wednesday

One-Liner Wednesday – Thought of the day


Here’s a sign at our grocery store, reminding everyone not to forget ice.

We’ve done this a lot…buying a bag of ice at the check-out counter, then walking out without getting it. Then, we have to go back to the store to get our ice we paid for.


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    • haha! That’s right, Laura! That one fits me pretty good, too. I tend to forget all kinds of things. Of course I write tons of notes to myself, but then forget to look at them. 🙂


    • Why do we continually do that, Joey? That and stamps. We buy them at the check out, too, and they forget to give them to us.
      I think one thing for us, anyway, is we get talking to everybody as we’re walking out…right by the ice freezer, and just don’t even think of grabbing the bag we paid for, as we leave. 🙂

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