Why? – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – SOCS – 3 Letter Word


Why? – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – SOCS – 3 Letter Word

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 14/18


It’s time again for SOCS! Here’s our prompt for the day. Thanks, Linda!

For details on how to join in this fun weekly writing challenge, just click the above link. It’s fun!


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “3-letter word.” Start your post with any 3-letter word. Bonus points if you end with one too. Enjoy!








Why? Because I thought it would be funny to do that.

Actually, I’m asking myself why? am I stuck on this find a three letter word prompt today?

There are tons of 3 letter words in the world, and I think that’s my problem…too many. I can’t settle, or I couldn’t settle on any one of them. It’s typical of me to come to a standstill at anything where there are too many choices.

Why are there so many choices of the same things in the grocery store?

Why do I have so many things I should be doing, that I don’t want to do. Well, I want to do them, but there’s too many to make a decision about which one to do ‘first’. I just don’t like making decisions about things…what’s for supper…I don’t know or care…food? Some kind of food would be great…just don’t ask me what food.

Hobbies, crafts, scrap books, reading, cleaning, choosing…choosing…choosing! Which one, when, how? Now? I just can’t get started. So, I just do a little of this, a little of that, and nothing ever gets completely done. Too many distractions from all the choices.

So, I’m asking…why?


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. You know, you’ve hit on something. I sometimes get frozen into inaction, simply because of the amount of choices there are to make, and the amount of things I need to do.

    • You, too? I wonder why that happens. Maybe for me it’s if I get started on something, I know it will be a long process. You know how one thing leads to another thing, before you can actually get to the part you were interested in doing. Ugh! So I don’t even begin – haha 🙂 Thanks, Candice!

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