Flash! – Boom!


Flash! – Boom!

Firecracker Banger China Cracker Firework


I have a headache.

Flash! Boom!

At 3:45 in the morning

Flash! Boom!

Startled out of sleep

Flash! Boom!

Bright lights – loud bangs

Flash! Boom!

Cricket cringing under the bed

Flash! Boom!

Make it stop

Flash! Boom!

Have some consideration for your neighbors

Flash! Boom!

Don’t you dare do it again tonight

Flash! Boom!

Lack of sleep

Flash! Boom!

Headache today

Flash! Boom!


Yes, this is a true story. You see that word down there…Peace

I want Peace in the middle of the night…not

Flash! Boom!


I like fireworks as much as anyone, but please don’t disturb the neighborhood, and frighten the animals, in the middle of the night.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2018 BS

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  1. Yep, it’s happening all over the place. I hate it too. No consideration for others and their pets.

    I hope you can get a nap in this afternoon.

    Have a great day. Scritches to your baby. ♥

  2. I really dislike some things about Flash Boom season, but on the other hand I enjoy hearing the fireworks going off in the night. I go to bed peacefully enjoying them. Why? I think they represent good to me. Good families, good memories, good fun. There is an occasional tragedy, but overall I see it as harmless exuberance. But I won’t spend a dollar on it! 😀 Loud enough and bright enough for me to enjoy someone else’s busted budget. 😀

    • Hi, Oneta! That’s a great way to think about fireworks! It’s always a wonderful celebration to mark the 4th. I love seeing them, too. I just worry about those it scares, you know. We’ve never bought any, either, but we get a good show from everyone else around here.

  3. Love it! And feel the same. Poor fur babies. Also always seems during a drought where ever I am at so I lie awake all night worrying that the house is going to burn down. Never heard of it happening to anyone I know but the fact that it is possible is enough for me! Stick with a parade and picnic. 😊

    • Hey, Kelly! Yep, we are usually so dry, there’s a danger of fire. We’ve hosed down the whole outside of the house before, just in case a stray firework lands on the roof or something. At least this year we’ve had rain, in fact it’s raining here right now! 🙂

  4. It really irritates me that people won’t obey the law and also be courteous of their neighbors. We have idiots here scaring the dogs into barking frenzies and making the car alarms go off night after night with the booms & blasts. If only they could contain their “celebrating” to the 4th and NYE, but nope.

    • Hi, Paula! I do love seeing fireworks, but can’t help but worry about how scary it is for some, like war veterans, babies, and pets. We are not supposed to have fireworks in the city limits, but no one pays any attention to that. Yes, it will continue even after the 4th for awhile, as people use up the ones they bought. I can think of better ways to spend my money, though. 🙂

  5. YES.
    Good mercy, I love fireworks, LOVE them! But not at home on some random evening in June! Every night for I dunno how long, we’re startled, “What was that?!?” and it’s fireworks. Unnerving. Really sets my husband’s nerves on edge. It’s one thing when you go somewhere to see them, when you’re mentally prepared to experience that, but otherwise, not so great, for lots of people — kid people and dogs, too!

    • I know! Not cool on random days. Fireworks are so pretty, and I love seeing them. But…tomorrow night the 4th it will sound like a war zone around here, with constant flashes and booms, from right next door, to farther away. We live on the edge of town, so it’s legal out past the city limits, and lots of people do go there to pop them. We get the loud sounds anyway, and a pretty show. I still worry about how it scares the animals and kids though.

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