Lightnin’ Bugs -Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Bug


Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Bug

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS June 23/18


Here’s Linda’s prompt for SOCS – Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “bug.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!


We were up in Kansas City, Missouri last weekend to visit family. As I was sitting out on the porch come dusk, the fireflies started blinking their little lights on and off, all over the yard and around the greenery.

I really like seeing these little bugs. We don’t have them where I live, and have only seen them other places we’ve been. We always just called them ‘lightnin’ bugs’.

I tried to take a photo of some, but you know what…it’s very hard to snap a picture at just the moment the little bugs flash their signal. It only lasts for a second, and they are flying here and there pretty fast.

Here’s my attempt at catching one at just the right time.  Those little bright green parts on the first two photos are the bugs. The last one is a bigger view of the yard, and the little speck of light almost center is the light of the firefly, It’s enlarged some, in the middle photo.

Anyway, I sure enjoyed watching the lightnin’ bugs every evening.




“Fireflies”, by Owl City, was released in 2009, from their album, “Ocean Eyes”, and was written by Adam Young. It’s on the Universal Republic label.


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  1. Enjoyed the read and the lightning bugs. That’s what we called them too when i was growing up. I thought that’s what everybody called them until I grew up and moved out of the South.

  2. We used to call them lightening bugs when I was a kid, too. What a treat it is now to see them. We saw them in our backyard in the 80s, but they’ve dwindled to zero in the city cause of the spraying I suspect. I saw a bunch at a farm retreat in Virginia a couple years ago. Pure magic! So glad you got to see some!

    • It is like magic to see their little twinkly lights. Sad that spraying gets rid of the good bugs, along with the bad kinds. We used to have a lot of lady bugs around, too, but not much any more.

  3. I learned to call them lightning bugs long before I heard their proper term firefly! They were common at both of my grandparents’ houses on the outskirts of the city on summer evenings, but we never saw them in the city. We do have them where I live now, though I don’t see them tonight, they’ve been out recently! I don’t put them in jars with holes poked in the lids like I used to though!

    • Lucky you got to see them when you were growing up, as well as now. Maybe we need more moisture and trees here where we are. It’s probably too dry for them.

  4. When we lived in Georgia, we missed lightnin bugs, which we had always (apparently) taken for granted. This time of year, our back 40 is a marvelous display of lightnin bugs and when I see them I always thank God I’m home again, lol!

    • Another wonderfully pretty reminder you are where you want to be now. I’ll just bet they look so pretty flashing their lights of an evening at your place. 🙂

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