Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Favorite Word


Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Favorite Word

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS June 2/18


Time for another SOCS, and Linda has prompted us with this…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “your favourite word.” What’s your favourite word? Write about it, base your post on it, or just write about the concept of having one. Enjoy!


Picking my favorite word is impossible, as that would be like picking my favorite child. There are so many wonderful words out there, some that mean a lot, and some that just sound beautiful, or even fun and silly words.

A couple of my favorite words are Ghost and Peace. In fact, I have both of these words as tattoos. Two other words I have tattooed are my grandchildren’s names, which are beautiful to me.

What can I say, I like all kinds of words. Here are some fun ones to say:

  • Snickerdoodle – yummy cookie & fun word
  • Haboob – Nasty sand storm we have sometimes – fun to say, though
  • Doo-dad – When you can’t think of what that thing is.

And, here are some pretty words I like:

  • ethereal
  • mysterious
  • ephemeral


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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    • Thanks, Jim! I just like the way the word ephemeral looks and sounds. It’s true about the definitions. Also, I may have been meaning ephemera, as used in my scrap book making. It’s saving all the transient, short lived items that would normally be thrown away. They call it ephemera. Here’s a link to a better explanation
      Glad you enjoyed hearing about my favorite words. 🙂

  1. For me it is also impossible to pick one favourite word. From those you mentioned, the one I love is peace. I like its soft and soothing sound and its meaning, but in any other language that I know peace doesn’t sound as peaceful as in English. In other languages that I know the word for peace I also like the Welsh heddwch, but it sounds more majestical than peaceful.

    • Thanks so much! Peace does sound soft and soothing. It’s a good word, I’ve never thought about how it looks or sounds in another language, but I should look into it. Very interesting, so thanks for mentioning this. 🙂

  2. You’ve brought some really great words up! Doodad reminds me of whichamacallit. And ghost and peace make me think of a peaceful ghost. Peace Ghost. Cool superhero! (Still in SOC mode.)

    • Thanks! Glad you’ve enjoyed reading about my favorite words. Hard to pick just one, though. I’ve left an explanation of why I have a tattoo of the word Ghost (see below) 🙂

  3. Explanation of why I like the word Ghost, and have a tattoo of this word…
    I grew up knowing there were ghosts in my grandma’s house, and have been aware of them everywhere we’ve lived. I’ve written about my true ghost stories in some posts.
    Ghost is my social media aka name
    I do amateur ghost hunting
    Ghost is my favorite character in my favorite book, “Lost Souls” by Poppy Z Brite, and is one of the main characters I write about in my fan fiction story, “Two Souls: Into the Fire”.
    So, that’s why the word Ghost is important to me.

  4. Sorry, okay, earlier, on another post, I tried to tell you about the groovy yard sale in the city today, but I didn’t go cause heat, and I feel bad for your heat, and I haven’t gardened much cause heat, and the thing would not post my comment. So before I told you I really like your word choices, I wanted to make sure it worked 😛

    • I’m a little confused. So, you tried to comment on the heat, but the comment didn’t go through? I looked on the Random post post, and there wasn’t a comment from you, just a like. I guess it didn’t work after all. Anyway, there was a big yard sale in your area? I wish I’d have been there to got to it. Hope your computer stuff is working okay today. 🙂

      • Yes, on another post I had tried, but no matter how much I clicked Post Comment, it wouldn’t post. It was odd. Everything seems fine today 🙂

        You’d enjoy the one from yesterday — it’s in a neighborhood of about 50 houses called Woodruff, where the houses are 150 years old, so there are always a lot of antique and unusual items. It’s a good one to go to, but not for me in the heat we had!

      • I have that posting comment thing going on all the time. I have to do it over & over so many times, and that’s on almost every one I do, either on mine or anyone’s . Probably why it takes me so long to go through my email notices & reading and all. Don’t know why it’s like that. Glad yours straightened up today. … Oh, that yard sale sounds amazing! I know I could have found something good. 🙂

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