Friendly Fill-Ins


Friendly Fill-Ins



1. It is _________.
2. The best part of last week was _________.
3. Every summer, I _________.
4. Once upon a time, _________.
  1. It is 98 F. degrees here right now, and supposed to be 103 F. tomorrow. Summer seems to be here.
  2. The best part of last week was getting my computer working again, getting our washing machine working again, and the most welcome rainfall we had.
  3. Every summer, I’m happy for the hot weather, as I don’t like winter weather. I love seeing the trees and plants get green again.
  4. Once upon a time, is a great way to start a story. Anything can happen when you use your imagination.
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  1. Thank you for joining in on the Friendly Fill-Ins! We’ve been having us some hot weather, too. I’m glad you enjoy the summer weather. And I’m also glad your washer is fixed. My dryer broke a few months back, but at least in that case I could still hang things up to dry. A broken washer can really put a wrench in things. Have a wonderful week!

    -Lorianne (Four-Legged Furballs)

    • You’re welcome, Lorianne! It is always fun to answer some questions. We managed without the washer for a few days, but clothes were sure piling up. I do like hanging the wash outside to dry, but we don’t have a clothes line any more. They just seem so fresh that way. Hope you’re keeping cool where you are. Here is supposed to be 108 F. by Friday! Knock wood the air conditioner keeps working. 🙂

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