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Song Lyric Sunday Theme for 5/20/18


Today’s SLS is a bit different. We’re supposed to find a song by someone that has the same name as ours. Here’s what Helen has said:

So, let’s just get right to it.  Put your thinking caps on, break out your playlists and get to work!  Our theme for Song Lyric Sunday this week, brought to us by the lovely Kirstwrites, is “a song from an artist/singer who shares your name”.   While this might be a difficult challenge, you could always just post a favorite song if you aren’t able to find an artist/singer that shares your name along with a song you like.  We’ve got to make it difficult sometimes, right?

Thanks Helen and Kirstwrites! 🙂


So, I could only think of two singers with my name, Barbara. Those were Barbra Streisand, and Barbara Mandrell. While these are very well-known and I do like some of their songs, I wanted something different and new to me. I spent some time googling, and you know what, there aren’t that many singers named, or called Barbara that I could find. Shocking, I know, as you’d think there would be a lot. Oh well, I kept on looking until I found this one, and I’d never heard it, but turns out it was a really beautiful song. The video is also so enchanting.

The singer is Monique Andree Serf, and goes by the stage name of Barbara. She sings in French, and the video’s lyrics are in French. I did find an English translation of the song. This song, “L’Aigle Noir” is said to have sold 1 million copies in only 12 hours!

Hope you enjoy hearing this song as much as I did.

***NOTE*** it says you have to click the YouTube symbol to watch the video there. 🙂


“L’Aigle Noir”, by Barbara (Monique Andree Serf), was released in 1961, from her album, “Unforgettable Melodies”, and was written by herself.



1 One day or maybe one night
Near a lake, I fell asleep
When suddenly, it seemed to pierce the sky
And bolting from the blue popped up a black eagle
2 Slowly, spreading its wings
Slowly, I could see it twirling
Near me rustling its wings
As if it fell from the sky the bird came and settled.
3 Its eyes had the colour of ruby
And its wings had the colour of the night
And on its sparkling forehead
The crowned bird wore a blue diamond
4 It touched my cheek with its beak
And it slipped its neck into my hand
And then I recognized it
Popping up from the past, it came back to my mind
5 Oh tell me Bird, take me away
Let’s go back to our old land
Like before in my childish dreams
to pick up shivering some stars, some stars
6 Like before in my childish dreams
Like before on a white cloud
Like before to lit up the sun
And be a rain-maker and make marvels.
7 The black eagle rustling its wings
Flew off to reach back the sky
8 Four feathers with the colour of the night
One teardrop or maybe a ruby
I was cold, there was nothing left of me
The bird left me alone with my sorrow
9 One day or was it one night
Near a lake, I fell asleep
When suddenly, it seemed to pierce the sky
And bolting from the blue popped up a black eagle
Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️
© 2018 BS

8 responses »

    • Thanks, Jim. I’m the same, as I only took a couple years of French in high school. I can pick out a few words I remember, I love how the French language sounds, too. 🙂

    • I was happy to find this song and singer. That’s wonderful your husband can speak French. I took French for a couple of years in high school, so can pick out a few words I remember. Thanks, Helen! 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I’m happy I kept on looking for something different, and was pleasantly surprised by finding this one. Thanks for suggesting the prompt to Helen to use for SLS! 😉

  1. My French is criminally bad, but it was nice to read the lyrics during the video.

    Beautiful song and wonderful voice. Her life was very interesting…and bittersweet.

    A nice choice for the challenge this week. 💯👍

    • Thanks, Felicia! I liked seeing the lyrics in French, too. I took a couple of years of French in high school, and I remember a few phrases and words, so I try to fill in the rest, guessing at what they are saying. This such a beautiful song, and I read of her life story, which was amazing. 🙂

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