Welcome to the Neighborhood


Welcome to the Neighborhood


So, I was reading a blog the other day, and she was saying how she knows some of her neighbors, but others not so much. She goes on to say they give sort of ‘nicknames’ to most of them.

Go read Joey’s post! It’s really a fun read. Here’s the link – https://jolenemottern.com/2018/05/11/our-new-neighbor/


This made me want to describe our own neighborhood. Sorry, it’s a bit long but I didn’t want to divide it up into 2 parts.


First of all, we’ve lived here for around 24 years. A lot of the neighbors are still here, and some have moved on, either by moving house, or passing away.

The very day we moved into our house, we had a rented U-Haul truck with all our stuff on it. The mister was unloading things, and he noticed the guy next door was watching, so he says something like ‘Don’t just stand there, help me unload this truck’, but in much more colorful words. And so, the neighbor did help, and they became very good friends for many years. Their family did move away eventually, but we’re still in touch with them, and see them whenever they come through town. (K & DB – Love y’all! You need to make another visit soon!)

Catty-corner, in the corner street house, lived the ‘Lawnmower Man & his wife’. They were an older couple, and have now both passed on. The lawnmower man did lawnmower repair in his garage. He liked to wheel and deal with all kinds of lawn equipment, and we bought or traded with him. His wife was a character. She’d come to bum cigs and rides to the bars. Rest in peace, N & L. Now another family with kids live there, and my mister talks with the guy. He’s usually outside tending to his BBQ grill.

Directly across the street are the G’s, and the guy worked at the same place my mister worked. They were a bit reclusive, as you hardly ever saw them out. The wife would sometimes come over if I was having a yard sale, and she and her son would buy lots of books from me. The guy would sometimes borrow a tool. They still live there.

Right next door to the east side, is a family of I don’t know how many. They come and go. I do know they were maybe a little older than us, and they may have gotten a divorce. The guy was I think a preacher, and carried a bible with him at all times, even when doing yard work. He just went away, and we never saw him again. The lady still lives there and she is very nice, but is Spanish speaking only. She sends over yummy food on occasion. We say hi, and wave, and she asks for help if she gets locked out of her house. We have sort of conversations, with lots of smiling and nodding, and me guessing what she’s saying, as I know a few Spanish words.

The other side house to our west (the house K & DB moved from) had several people move in and out, and then the people who live there now, have been there quite a few years. Their kids were toddlers, and now they are teens, I think. Funny thing, the lady’s name is the same as mine! I go to her yard sales, and my mister talks to the guy sometimes.

Our longest known friends, live next to where the lawnmower man & wife lived. We still see them a lot, well, the misters do, because they are so much alike, in that they both like to talk about all kinds of things, and have a few beers. They also help each other out with home & car repairs. We’ve shared food and fun times playing dominoes before, and when their daughter was young, I’d baby sit some times. Now the daughter is grown and married. The lady & I are kind of alike too, as we both like reading, and stay in most times, doing that or playing computer games. We once were both playing words with friends on line, each in our own house. R & S – if you’re reading this, we love ya!

Across from them used to be another family we knew a little bit. They’ve since moved somewhere else, and their son got sent to prison.

Down the way was another lady, very nice, but she’s passed on now. At Christmas she’d always bring all the neighbors her home made cheese balls & some crackers. We always looked forward to that. Rest in peace SJ.

This neighborhood has always been pretty nice and friendly. We watch each other’s houses when someone’s away, catch thieves when they invade the neighborhood (right DB?), have giant block parties back then, (thanks K & DB), and give Christmas goodies to everyone.

Then there were the pets. Oh the pets. There were our dogs earlier on, Maggie, Weasel, & Bud, and the neighbor dogs – there was Charlie, and Stranger, and all the dogs knew each other, too. Last but not least, was Rowdy’s gang. They were a rag-tag group of little dogs that roamed around. Rowdy belonged to another neighbor, but he was always running loose with his gang. They were so funny. R & S had big dogs, but I didn’t get to know them much, as they were mostly in their back yard.

Speaking of dogs…there were some neighbors behind our house that had a little ‘yippy’ kind of dog. We didn’t know these people, and I don’t think we ever saw the dog, but it would yip yip yip all day and all night. They’ve since moved away. They were the ‘yippy’ dog people.

Directly behind our house is a family that’s been there a long time, too. We’ve met the mister once or twice. At first their boys were kind of little (now grown up), but they were forever kicking a ball into our back yard. Over and over I’d hear them holler, “Hey, Lady! Hey, Lady! Can you get our ball?” I’d fetch it for them, but when I caught them climbing over our 6 ft. fence to get the ball, I told them to stop kicking the ball over here, and don’t ever climb over our fence again. They never did, either. Now, the family has just this week put up a huge, I mean huge shed in their back yard. It’s almost as tall as their house. I said maybe it is one of those tiny house things? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be surprised, even though it looks like a fancy shed. That thing is huge, and makes our regular shed look like a pipsqueak! haha

Next to them was a family we never met, but they’d have parties all the time. Probably mostly for the kids and teens. They would put up a giant bouncy house in the back yard, and play rock music. We didn’t mind, as we liked the songs, too. What was that one they played most…? Ahh yes…this one! We called it our cat Gretchen’s (RIP) song, because she was some kind of wonderful, and she really would get all excited whenever she heard it played. We’d all run to the back door to listen to Gretchen’s song. 🙂

“Some Kind of Wonderful”, by Grand Funk Railroad, was released as a single from their album, “All the Girls in the World Beware”, in 1974. It was written by John Ellison, and is on the Capitol label.

Anyway, that’s about all I should write about our neighbors. Hope you enjoyed the tour. 🙂

How about you? Do you know your neighbors? I’d love to hear about your neighborhood, too!


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. We had nicknames for some of our neighbours too. There were the dog people, with about 7 dogs that would bark like crazy, the party people that had summer parties in the garage, so loud and late that we couldn’t have our windows open, the car people, that seemed to have at least 6 vehicles parked at any given time in the driveway, etc.

    • Thanks, Candice! Fun to hear about some of the neighbors around you. Love how we all have put them in the category of dog people, car people, party people, etc. 🙂

  2. Awe the wonderful memories came flooding in. Absolutely the best block ever! While we are happy with our move, we often say if we could have anything back from the old town, it would be our wonderful neighbors! 💕 Miss you guys so much!! 😘 R&S too!!

    • Hey, Kelly! So glad you got to read this! We sure had some fun times back then, didn’t we! It’s always so good to see y’all when you come through town. I’m sure R misses hanging out in y’all’s garage with DB in the afternoons. So many good memories! ❤ ❤

      • Indeed they were the best of times. You guys were the best neighbors ever! I would give anything to have you back. ❤️ And you could even bring the mister! 😂😘

  3. I enjoyed reading about your neighbors. It sounds like you have a nice place there.

    Since we moved here, we haven’t made any real effort to buddy up with the neighbors. Not to say that we don’t speak to them or anything, we just don’t really know most of them.

    To our left, just as one turns onto our road, there was the F family. They were there when we moved here. Their little girl was a carrying-sized baby when we moved here. She’s a teenager now and her big brother is a young man. Their mama is battling breast cancer right now, so she needs prayers. They all do.

    To our right, there’s a two story white house, the original one built in this neighborhood, and the only two story house on our street. Many different folks have lived there. The one there when we moved here was a single, older man (J). He was a fairly quiet neighbor, but his house wasn’t. That spinny vent thing on the roof squealed something awful. Thankfully, he got it fixed and it has been, for the most part, quiet since then. After he moved out, there have been druggies, a pedophile, a decent couple, and now the current family. R&R have 5 kids (all hers, two youngest are his). There were only 3 kids when they first moved here. They are growing up so fast. We saw the youngest one’s first steps. 🙂 We’ve kind of adopted them as our grand-kids. I’ve done a photo shoot with the second oldest daughter and will likely be doing a family photo shoot in June. They have a zillion dogs most of the time, though the limit here in the city is 4 of any combination of animals. We don’t care how many they have so long as they keep them contained. Now that the fence is repaired, they pretty much stay in their own yard, thank goodness. R&R are loud and all three adults that live there smoke like dragons, which my lungs do not appreciate. My right to breathe should trump their right to pollute the air. Unfortunately, I don’t get to safely breathe and they are allowed to pollute the air.

    Beside them are R&V. They are great neighbors! We don’t hang out with them or anything, but we each know we can call on each other if necessary, like when the hurricanes and floods are happening. They have a handful of adorable grand-babies. 🙂

    Beside R&V lives our former mail lady and that is all I know about them.

    Across the street from us, on the other side of the circle, is a cop and his family. I do not like him one little bit. He’s a jerk. I don’t know anything about his wife and son, but that son has grown from a little guy to someone old enough to drive in the 13 years since we moved here.

    To the left of the cop’s house is the house of a young couple that our kids went to the junior college with. They’ve been married just over 5 years. No babies yet, but they have a beautiful husky dog. 🙂

    That’s all I know anything about in regards to neighbors around here. Our favorite people here aren’t our neighbors. Unfortunately, some of them have passed on already, and boy do we miss them. They were great people. K, Little P, Mrs. L., R, Grandma D, so many good ones gone now.

    I enjoyed your post. Have a blessed day!

  4. That’s groovy! Thanks for the link back and the song, too!
    You’ve had some great relationships with neighbors. When I had friend neighbors, I always felt so spoiled, reminded me of dorm life. I always knew I’d miss them like I missed my dorm friends, lol, so I never took em for granted! Sounds like you have a lot of appreciation for yours, too. I’ve never lived anywhere longer than 7 years. And in those 7 years, I was on post, watching EVERYONE come and go until it was my turn. Seriously, EVERY SINGLE FAMILY came and went.

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