Escapist Coloring Club – May


Escapist Coloring Club – May  

The Escapist Coloring Club Prompt – May 1, 2018


Wow! Here it is the month of May, already!

It’s time for another entry in the Escapist Coloring Club, hosted by Linda G. Hill. Find out how to join in, by clicking the link above. It’s fun!

Thanks, Linda, for thinking of this fun idea for us to do. 🙂


So, I did finish this lantern that I’d started, and showed you recently. I did it in all markers.



Then, I started working on this one of vegetables in a basket. It has more details to fill in, but looked pretty interesting. I’m using only colored pencils on this one. To me, it’s harder to use the pencils. I keep expecting the colors to be as bright as the markers, and they are just not. Maybe it’s the kind of pencils I have, or something, but I have to press down so hard to get them to show up, and almost have torn the paper!

I’m trying to do some shading on the vegetables, too. Still got some areas to finish, yet. So far I’ve been 2 days (well, nights) on this page. I only do the coloring for about an hour, because my hand is hurting by then. I still do enjoy the coloring and the books.



Here’s the books I used:

The first one my daughter got me for Christmas, and the second one I’m pretty sure I got at the dollar store.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. I agree with pencils being harder to get to come out nice and dark and bright. That’s why most of the time I use them for the shading inside but I outline with markers. I find Crayola pencils are good. I have the kind that twist.


    • Okay, now I have to look for some of these kind you mentioned. Mine have the very hard lead (color) and I’m pretty sure some of them were left over from my girl’s school days many years ago! Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the reminder. I have loads of books and a variety of media to use to color them with (crayon (yes, there are adult crayons), colored pencil, marker…but my favorite is the gel pen. I’ll have to post some and get back into this very satisfying activity! 🙂 Thanks again!


    • You’re welcome! It’s fun to do the coloring, and I like using different things, like markers, and pencils. I should do one in crayon, too! Gel pens are really nice to use. I’d love to see some of yours. 🙂


  3. The lanterns are lovely! You really do like that colour combination. 😀 Me too!
    Pencils do that to me too. Since I usually use both pencils and markers in the same project, I try to give myself a break by switching back and forth often. As for the lack of darkness, sometimes it’s the paper … Try your pencils on something else before you spend any more money.
    Thanks so much for joining in, Barbara! ❤


    • Thanks, Linda! I did find some new colored pencils. Janet had mentioned some Crayola brand that twist up, and they are so much better than what I was using. I’ll be posting my mid-month coloring pages soon. 🙂

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