Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Spoke


Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Spoke

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS April 21/18


The word of the day, chosen by our fearless leader, Linda G. Hill, is ‘spoke’. Thanks, Linda!

We get bonus points if we ‘don’t’ begin with the word ‘spoke’.


What do I know about the word of the day…not a whole lot.

When we talk out loud, we say we have spoken. Sometimes that would bring an end to a conversation or argument or debate. Someone gets tired of talking about whatever it is, so they say, “I have spoken, that’s the end of it.” But…is that really the end of it? Probably not in the mind of the other person, as they go away muttering how their opinion or point is better.

Now, there are spokes on a bicycle. I don’t know what their purpose is, but we used to put a bit of cardboard clothes pinned onto the spokes so it would make a rattling sound when we rode around. That was always cool.

Up next, is the word ‘bespoke’. I’m thinking it means, in fashion, some clothes that were specially made for a person. One of a kind type of clothing can be said to be bespoke.

That’s about all I know to speak about the word spoke.


Enjoy your weekend! May it be a bespoke, one of a kind day, made just for you. 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2018 BS


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