A to Z Blog Challenge 2018 – Letter R


A to Z Blog Challenge 2018 – Letter R





Welcome to the 2018 edition of the A to Z Blogging Challenge!

All through the month of April, the challenge asks us to blog every day (except Sundays), and to go through the alphabet A to Z, connecting our posts to the letter of each day.

My idea for this time, my 5th to participate, is to showcase a book or two each day, and provide a tiny bit of information about them. These will not be a full book review, but just saying what it is about, and if I liked the book or not.

These books are mostly books that I already have on my shelves, and have read, or are on my to be read stacks. There will be a very few of them that I don’t already own, or have read.

I will also post a quote each day that has something to say about books, or reading.

Hope you enjoy, and maybe see a book or a few that you might want to read, too.



“The Ruins”, by Scott Smith, is a book I’ve read more than once, and I’ve seen the movie made of it, and it was good, too.

Starting out, we see the characters on a lovely vacation trip in Mexico. When one of their friends goes missing, they go look for him, which leads them deep into the jungle. They come upon some ancient Mayan ruins, and this is when their nightmare begins.

This book is so good, and yes scary! It sure makes you look at your garden plants in another way, after reading this book. The vines…omg…the vines!

If you like horror tales, check it out!



“Roller Girl (Totally True Tales From the Track)”, by Melissa “Melicious” Joulwan, is a fun book to read. It’s all about the sport of competition roller skating, as in Roller Derby.

As a founding member of the Texas Rollergirls Rock-n-Rollerderby the author takes us on a wild ride, telling us how Roller Derby works, how she became involved, and some of the long, fascinating history of the sport. She takes us to the competitions, and also talks about her life when not on the rink.

I like hearing about the names she and her team mates choose for themselves, and the fun and funky costumes they wear, too. All this takes place in Austin TX, and there are photos included.



Mystery Box Chickens


Join the MB Chickens tomorrow, and they will open the next book title box. The letter of the day will be S.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2018 BS

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    • Oh, that is so interesting! in the book there are a few pages telling all about Ann Calvello! I enjoyed hearing about her exploits in the days she was skating. 🙂

      • She was a kick at the grocery store too. She was a bagger so she was able to chat while she bagged the groceries. She still wore the white lipstick and had extremely tanned skin.

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