Flower of the Day – Larkspur


Flower of the Day – Larkspur


These are something new at the store. Larkspurs are one of my favorites.

My mom had these pretty flowers all over her flower beds. One time I took some home to try and transplant. It didn’t work though, as I don’t have a green thumb.


For Cee’s Flower of the Day:

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  1. Fun flower post, Barbara. The word Larkspur always gets my attention. When I was a young girl I got really into the Nancy Drew books… trouble was my small town school library had only a few. I saw the title “The Password to Larkspur Lane” and desperately wanted to read the book. (Of course now I have no idea what it was about). It took a couple of years before I managed to get to read it. Larkspur… Lovely. Hugs.

    • Thanks, Teagan! That was an interesting memory you have for Larkspur. I never did read any Nancy Drew books, for some reason. I was more into Trixie Belden series. Glad you did finally get to read the elusive one. 🙂 Happy Sunday! xx

      • There wasn’t much for me to choose from. Nancy Drew was probably a lot older than the Trixie Belden books (I’m not familiar with them). We didn’t get anything that modern or up to date. Even TV and radio. Happy Sunday to you too. 🙂

      • I’ve lived some places where the library was pretty small, so I know what you mean. Nancy Drew I just never came across, so missed out on those. xx

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