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Share Your World

Share Your World – March 19, 2018


It’s time for another set of questions from Cee, and answers from me. See above link for joining in instructions, and also to see other entries. It’s fun!


What is your earliest memory?

Out of Body Experience (OBE). Yes, really. I’d be lying there in my baby crib, and this weird feeling would come. I could always tell when it was about to happen. I could feel myself sort of separating, then I’d be above the crib, looking down at myself.

Then, a couple of other memories of when I was about 5. Being in the hospital having my tonsils taken out. Having the ether mask over my face, and the awful smell, and the Dr. saying to count backwards.

The other, is when my baby sister was brought home for the first time. I think I might have had a cold or something, so couldn’t get near, so had to sit out in the hallway, just looking at her and my mom in the bedroom.

Which way does the toilet paper roll go? Over or under?

Over if it’s on the holder. Neither, if it’s just sitting there. When I drop the roll in the floor though, it rolls to the east, because there’s no room for it to roll west, as the tub is that way.

What makes you feel grounded?

I never got grounded when I was a kid/teen. Not real sure what this question means. I’ve felt grounded when I’ve been up in an airplane, then we land back on the ground. It’s more fun taking off up into the air, though.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. The choice is largely a matter of personal preference for most people, but when I reach for the roll I want to be able to grab it so over is the way I roll. One might say that I am a bit anal when it comes to the way the toilet paper is supposed to roll.

    • Yep, I’ve seen questions like this before, and I never know what it means, really. Then, I spend way too much time trying to figure it out, only to put some random answer. haha! 🙂

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