Escapist Coloring Club – March


Escapist Coloring Club – March

The Escapist Coloring Club Prompt – March 1, 2018


Can you believe it’s March already?

This means it’s time for another visit to the Escapist Coloring Club, hosted by Linda G. Hill!

If you enjoy coloring, this club is where we can show off what we’ve been doing during the month.

For all the details, just click the above link. 🙂


Note: All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.


First of all, I wanted to showcase this original drawing of a cat.

It was sketched and colored by my grandson, who is 8 years old! He called it a Harry Potter Cat.

He has been a creative and talented artist, in several mediums, since very early on.

Didn’t he do a fantastic job! 🙂



Now, here’s the coloring pages I’ve been working on.

I finished this one.

This page is from the 60s coloring book. I like using the black marker, except it tends to smear, making it look messy. I may need to use a smaller point marker, or just do the black parts in colored pencils.



This one I finished completely. It’s from the Mehndi Designs coloring book. There are lots of fun pages in this book.

Here’s the one I’m working on today, from the same book. This time I’m going to be using only the colored pencils. So far it’s taking longer, as the pencils don’t just glide across the paper like a marker does. Still, the pencils don’t run out fast, like markers do.



Wishing you all a fun and colorful March! 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2018 BS


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  1. The kitty is amazing!! That’s one talented eight year old you’ve got there. ❤ Love your colouring projects too. 🙂 I agree with you on the pencils vs. markers. But there are so many more colours to choose from with pencils, too.

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