Share Your World


Share Your World

Share Your World – February 12, 2018

Time for another SYW with questions from Cee, and answers from me! Join in the fun by clicking the above link for details.


Are you a practical jokester?

No, I don’t think so. Can’t remember if I ever played a joke of that kind on anyone. I don’t see the humor in these, as it makes the ‘victim’ be embarrassed.

Who cuts your hair?  You, a friend, or professional.

I trim my bangs myself, otherwise I don’t cut it at all. I used to go to the beauty shops once in awhile, but most times they ruined it, so I quit going.

Did you have a stuffed animal when you were a kid, if so what kind?

I had tons of stuffed animals, and they all had names. I’d make them do funny tricks, like turning flips. There were so many they took up most all of the bed. I still have one my my favorites, a little white floppy dog, I named Softie. I wrote a story about this one. Maybe I’ll post it here someday.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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