Share Your World


Share Your World

Share Your World – February 5, 2018


Time for another SYW, with questions from Cee, and answers from me! Want to join in the fun? Just click the above link to find out the details. 🙂


What would be your ideal fantasy way to spend Monday?

Collecting my millions of dollars from the lottery commission after winning!

What one person that you are out of contact with would you like to say thank you to?

If I am out of contact with them, I couldn’t say thank you to them. No, really I’ve said tons of thank yous to everybody I know, or have known, so I’m good with leaving it at that.

List your favorite toys or games as a kid?

  • any and all board games – One called Gusher comes to mind. It was pretend drilling for oil, and winning money. Another one was Kreskin’s ESP game, and the Ouija board. It took me awhile to understand Monopoly, but I liked it later on.
  • card games – Crazy Eights, I Doubt It, War
  • jacks – all the different little games and what they were called…round the world, shooting stars, peas in a pod, etc.
  • games outside with other kids – king of the mountain, piggy wants a signal, annie over, swinging statues…
  • art supplies of all kinds
  • books – Trixie Belden series, Little Golden Books, library books such as the Black Stallion series
  • Barbie
  • bicycle
  • roller skates


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. I have been wanting to get some board games to have to play with dad n better half for when its cold outside or to hot lol… I have even looked on amazon lol…but I think I will get them for cheaper at the store since I don’t have account with amazon… fun times it seems you have…you have a lot of kool things …

      • aww imma sorry hun… well come over when I get enough cash saved to get the list of the games I want and you can play with us lol… I hate to go into Walmart or as I call it hellmart lol… I went after my doctors appt to the dollar store but forgot to look n see if they have games that I am wanting lol…I just had to get out of there since I see everything I want to lil trinkets to EVERYTHING gurl lol… I know I could save some if I was an amazon prime member but at this time I am not lolol…I used to be and watched movies lol… I think I need a good raise of my disiblity check I simple do not make enough and we don’t spend on junk or anything …blah…anyways lol…
        So how you doing today gurl…???…

      • Yeah, wish we lived closer, then we’d have some fun playing games. Haha ‘hellmart’ that’s a great name for that place! I know what you mean, those dollar stores sure have a lot of stuff to look at. I have to talk myself out of getting all the cute things, because I sure don’t need any more around here. We never did the Amazon much, prime or otherwise. Nothing going on here today. Still in pjs just reading blogs. Hope your Saturday is going good! 🙂

  2. I see that we liked a lot of the same things as kids! And Trixie Belden??? I’ve been thinking about writing a post about her, the books, the characters- these books were favorites of mine, along with Nancy Drew. 🙂

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