Feather of Shame – Just Jot It January – Humiliate


Feather of Shame – Just Jot It January – Humiliate

#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – January 11th, 2018

Feather, Desktop Wallpaper

If this photo I found on Pixabay was on a stick, it would be like a cat toy we used to have. The cats loved to chase the feather around.

We sometimes played with it, too, and called it the ‘feather of shame’.

Anytime one of us did or said something really silly or wrong, we’d get the feather of shame, and wave it in front of them. It was just for laughs, and not really to humiliate them. It became a family joke, and we all knew what it meant, when someone else would say, “You get the feather of shame!” haha

We don’t have the feather on a stick any more, as it finally wore out, and lost the feathery part. We still have the stick, though. We just call it ‘Stubbins’ now, because there is just a stub of the feather left on the end. Stubbins was Paolo’s favorite toy to chase around in circles. He is sadly passed on now, and we miss playing with him.


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