The Escapist Coloring Club


The Escapist Coloring Club


Look! We have a brand new challenge from Linda! If you like to color, then check this out. 🙂

Here’s the link to give the details! Basically it’s to just have fun and relax by coloring. 🙂

The Escapist Coloring Club Prompt – January 1, 2018


I don’t mind saying, I love to color! I do have lots of those coloring books, and spend at least an hour every evening coloring in the designs. After a day of staring at the computer screen, and typing, I’m tired and need to relax a bit. I enjoy seeing the colors come together in a nice color combination, and most times try not to use more than three, possibly four colors on one page. I pretty much use markers, as they are bright. I use colored pencils once in awhile, but seem to have to re-sharpen them way too much. I don’t really worry about getting everything perfect, and that’s not really the point of it. To me, it’s relaxing just to be in the moment and wind down from the day.

Here’s the one I’ve been working on recently. It’s not finished, but I do like the color combinations of it. As you can see, there’s some coloring outside the lines, and a few skips where the marker didn’t quite cover the area, but that’s okay. Nobody’s judging, I’m not entering the picture in any talent contest, and I’m having fun. 🙂



Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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  1. We are like kids hehehe…
    I so love to do these too gurl…fun and most of all relaxing…I have to find my colors at our home the pencils that I have are just not colorful enough for me…
    Hope your having a good night gurly…
    Huggggs n ♥♥♥


    • Hey, Suzette! haha we are still kids at heart, I think. I don’t know why people didn’t pick up on this coloring craze sooner, as it is so fun. I like the dark and bright colors best, too, so I usually use markers. I should try some more in pencils though. … You know what? Today we will be about 75 degrees here. Seems like summer for a few days, and wish it would stay. Y’all getting warm there, too? (((hugs)))

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  2. George bought me a mandala colouring book calendar for this year. I am halfway through January’s mandala…….I forgot how hard it is to stay inside the lies! I am an outside of any line kind of person! lol


    • Thanks so much, Joey! I figure it’s supposed to be fun, and not to cause stress by making it look perfect. I sometimes color the pages really weird, just for the fun of it. 🙂


  3. It’s all about having fun. Wonderful, Barbara! My daughter also got into coloring to alleviate anxiety recently. It was a blessing in those moments. 🙂


    • Thanks, Linda! This is a super fun club you started! I remembered you mentioned your coloring calendar last year, and looked for one here, but didn’t find one. I’ll look forward to seeing your next pages! 🙂

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    • Thanks so much! It’s fun to do, and like I said, no one is judging how it turns out. Just the act of putting colors on the page is relaxing. Sometimes I do really weird ones, with polka dot trees, and people with multicolored hair. Just something to pass the time, and give me a giggle! 🙂

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