Stream of Consciousness Saturday – SOCS & Just Jot It January – ECO


Stream of Consciousness Saturday – SOCS & Just Jot It January – ECO

The Friday Reminder for #SoCS & #JusJoJan Daily Prompt, Jan. 6th, 2018

Today’s SOCS is combining with Just Jot It Saturday, and the prompt suggestion is to use the letters ‘eco’ in your post. Thanks, Linda!


I did look up some words that had those letters in them, and then took a couple of minutes to write this little story, all stream of consciousness, as it came to me.

Here’s my try at using a bunch of words that have ‘eco’ somewhere in them. 🙂


The Art Deco decorations in the music hall were only a decoy.

Frank, working undercover as Francine, the drag queen who sings zydeco, was performing.

The second the audience saw her act, they recoiled in horror, and demanded a recoup of their admission ticket price.

For the record, Francine’s act bombed, and so did the case Frank was trying to solve.


Words used with ‘eco’ are: (8) Deco, decorations, decoy, zydeco, second, recoiled, recoup, record


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2018 BS

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  1. Impressive! You must be a good Scrabble player. I have a hard time with the middle of the words. Dyslexia messes up words for me, I laughed at your indelible comments because that was exactly my issue.


    • Thanks so much! I do like to play Scrabble, and mostly just play it online. Sometimes I win a game, sometimes not, but it’s fun. I tend to scramble up letters in words sometimes, at least at first look. Makes for some funny sentences sometimes. 🙂

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      • Those words can make good prompts for NaNo, too. I use Dragon Naturally Speaking when doing heavy-duty writing and often it will not ‘hear’ things right. I have gotten some fun twists to stories from those mistakes, too.


      • I haven’t heard of the Dragon Naturally Speaking thing. Is that where you say the words and it types it in or something? Interesting. haha speaking of hearing the wrong words, I do that listening to people talk. It gets confusing, when I hear something that just doesn’t make sense in their sentence. 🙂


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