Invasion # 1 -NanoPoblano – Day 29


Invasion # 1 – NanoPoblano – Day 29


Have you ever been in the middle of an invasion? In this case a better word might be a swarm.

This is what happened…

It was so weird. One afternoon a friend from elementary school, and I, were playing outside in the front yard. She lived a couple of houses down from us, and we were always outside finding things to do. We heard the music of the ice cream truck that came by every afternoon. It was a new kind of truck, in that they offered soft serve ice cream cones, along with the usual frozen Popsicles.

We each bought an ice cream cone, and were walking back to my front yard, when all of a sudden a swarm of moths came flying by. They were some sort of moths, but we just called them candle bugs, or millers. It seemed there were millions of them. They were landing in our hair, on us, and even got stuck in our ice cream.

We were screaming as we ran for the house. My mom was busy closing all the windows, but it didn’t do much good, as those moths got inside anyway. They were around the area for days, and mom would keep sweeping them up from the porch, from the bath tub, and the sink in the kitchen. She’d even use the vacuum to suck them up, but they’d crawl back out of the vacuum hose, unless it was stopped up with a rag.

Finally, it was over, and there were no more invading moths. I’ll never forget it, though.

Coming up, I’ll tell about two other invasion/swarms I’ve been witness to. 🙂

This is a moth, but the ones that swarmed us that day were just dark gray.



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  1. Blech! I hate moths – in the house I grew up in, we used to have bushes by our front door which moths loved. They would be plastered all over the front door at night if the light was on. I get shivers just thinking about it!


  2. I don’t mind moths, but I mean, really, even a swarm of puppies could be terrifying in these circumstances. I’d never forget that, either.
    I only had one thing like that, birds come to roost all over my yard for three days. Freaky. And you know I like birds, but Phew!


    • Moths a few at a time are not that bad, but that day there were so many of them! haha a swarm of puppies! I might like to see that, actually. Oh yeah, birds …always makes me think of the Birds movie when I see a bunch of them. We have a lot of grackles here, and they travel in packs I think. They come to the feeder sometimes and take over for a little while. 🙂

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      • Funny, that. I used to see grackles all the time at my old Indiana house, probably about 10 blocks from here. But I never see one in my hood. MIL has a few from time to time.


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