Underdog – NanoPoblano – Day 25


Underdog – NanoPoblano – Day 25


For Daily Post:



For this, the 25th day of the NanoPoblano challenge, I’m combining it with the Daily Promp word, ‘underdog’.

I’ve always rooted for the underdog in any situation.

My favorite TV cartoon when I was a kid, was “Underdog”. Here’s the theme song.

Saturday mornings were fun. We’d start watching early in the morning, and watch as many cartoons as we could. We didn’t have but 3 channels at the time, and no cable, or any way to record our shows for later. We had to watch them as they aired. Later in the morning, they’d put on some more, should I say grown-up type programming. These would be, “Fury” (about a horse), and “Sky King” (can’t really remember what it was about, but there was an airplane the characters would fly around in). These weren’t cartoons, but I watched them anyway. I think after that would be the music show, “American Bandstand”, which I watched, too.

I don’t know how my sister and I got away with sitting there watching all morning TV, but we did. I liked all the cartoons, but still my favorite was, “Underdog”. 🙂



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  1. Fun! I always liked Hanna Barbera and Looney Tunes, but I don’t remember much else. I more remember Saturday Nights — Sha Na Na and The Muppet Show and Love Boat and Fantasy Island. Tv doesn’t have the same kind of ‘whole family’ appeal these days, hm?

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