Crappy Weekend – Random Post # 16 & NanoPoblano – Day 20


Crappy Weekend – Random Post # 16 & NanoPoblano – Day 20


So, this happened:

  • Friday morning we were supposed to attend a funeral. We got ready to go, got in the truck, and it wouldn’t work. Missed the funeral, had truck towed and finally repaired.
  • Saturday was pretty okay, nothing special or wrong. The wind was howling, and blew all the cat food dishes outside all over the yard, so had to go fetch them.
  • Sunday, I woke up to having a really bad stomach virus or something. Won’t go into details, but it lasted all day long…and, still feeling some effects from it today.
  • Sunday afternoon/evening the whole internet provider went out in our area. So, we had no home phone (cell still was okay), no TV, and no computer. Finally came back on around 8pm.

Hope today is better.

Moving on…

I think I read weird sometimes.

When I read books, or blog posts, or anything really, I tend to skip around. Maybe I’ll read a little at the beginning, then skip to the very end, winding my way back up to the beginning. Not every time, but I do this quite often.

My usual computer routine:

After feeding Cricket, and getting my coffee, I sit here and look at stuff.

First I check Facebook, to see what’s been happening over night. Then, I play 3 different online games. Next, I’ll check emails, deleting all I’m not interested in. That leaves a lot to read, still. I’ll check in with some favorites, to see what they’ve posted. Sometimes, I’ll read, sometimes save for later.

Then, I’ll get my posts ready to publish. I get them all done, except for pushing that button. I’ll post one early, then space out the rest of them. (I’ve thought about posting them all one after the other, but don’t usually.

Later in the day, I’ll read blogs, like blogs, and sometimes make a comment. Sometimes, I’ll get a head start on my stuff for the next day.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it. In between all this, I’ll be doing the laundry, having lunch, going places, working puzzles, painting, etc.

I don’t know if this is normal or not. How do you schedule your day?


This is also for NanoPoblano – Day 20:


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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    • Thank you. … And, same here, every day or even minute for me is a surprise as to what I’m doing. I’ll start out doing one thing, then wind up doing something completely different! πŸ™‚

  1. It varies.
    I used to wake up, sit and stare at my trees, drink my coffee, and then stretch.
    Now, I wake up, get dressed, drive Sassy to the thing and don’t start anything til I’m home. I’d have to get up at 4 to get my routine back. Eventually, spring will come and her season will end, but since it started, I sure miss my quiet, peaceful mornings.

    That was a crap weekend for sure. May you never have another like that.

    • Yep, the kid’s schedules sure can keep us hopping. I remember it so well, and especially before they could drive themselves here and there. Then it’s just me worrying about them. …Thanks, so far the week has been better than the weekend. πŸ™‚

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