Honk – NanoPoblano – Day 15


Honk – NanoPoblano – Day 15 





Combining NanoPoblano and the Daily Post prompt, which is the word ‘honk’.


The geese are back!

Every fall about this time in November, the Canadian Geese return to our city. We live by a playa lake, and thousands of the geese descend to the water and field right by our house. They are wonderful to watch, but they are so loud! They are always honking. They honk and mutter while resting, and they honk while flying low over the house. I don’t know the reason for all the honking, but I suppose it serves some purpose. It gets so loud it covers the sound of the TV.

They will be here all the way up until spring comes next year. We miss them when they go back north for the summer.



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    • Yes, and our playa lake is so full of geese at certain times of day, you can barely see any water, but at least we’ve had some rain this year, so it isn’t as low as it has been in the past. 🙂

  1. Oh my goodness, we have them all year and they’re mostly a nuisance. So aggressive, the ducks are hard to find. Seriously, you don’t wanna know how much the average Indy citizen hates those geese.

    • You have them year round up there? Ours are here only in the fall and winter. There area a very few that stay, and mostly the summer lake is empty, except for a few ducks. I think most people here love to see them come back. Sorry they are annoying for y’all.

  2. I love Canadian Geese and think they’re beautiful, graceful and musical. I guess that’s because I’ve never seen many at one time. Usually I will see a pair or about 10 at most. I do worry about them walking across the road when they have babies.

    • They are awesome to see them in the thousands flying over here. I don’t know how they keep from flying into each other. I don’t like them going across the roads, either.

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