Gingerly – Daily Post – NanoPoblano – Day 9


Gingerly – Daily Post – NanoPoblano – Day 9

It’s approaching that time again


Today for NanoPoblano, I’m combining it with the Daily Post prompt word, which is ‘gingerly’.

The first thing I thought of was our Basset Hound, Ginger. She was with us for many years, and such a character she was.

Her mama dog, Maggie, was an AKC registered Basset Hound, and so was Ginger. When she was born, we were right there with mama and babies. Ginger was the first born, and did have a bit of trouble right from the start. She was blue. I don’t know what happened, but we thought she wouldn’t make it, at first. But then my husband gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitatation (yes, to a puppy), and she began breathing and turning a beautiful pink. She was alive and fine after that.

Out of the whole litter of puppies, Ginger was the only one with her ginger and white coloring. The rest of the puppies were black, brown, & white.

One of Ginger’s claim to notorious fame was she was a master at stealing food. She once leaped up and grabbed a whole hamburger from a friend’s hand. She also once, raised up to the table and ate half a birthday cake sitting there.

Ginger and her mother, Maggie, loved to escape, too. Whenever they did, they’d trot off down the sidewalk, nose to the ground, ears dragging, and wouldn’t pay attention to us hollering to come back. We’d have to chase them down.

One fun memory was that on every Christmas Eve night, we’d take both of them for a late walk around the neighborhood. We had some big sleigh bells that we’d take along, and shake them, as we went along.

Ginger (and Maggie, too) was such a character, and they are missed.



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