Flower of the Day – Back Yard Garden


Flower of the Day – Back Yard Garden


These flowers and garden were in my parent’s back yard. They always had lots of beautiful flowers. Since this photo was taken many years ago, I just took a photo of the picture I had. It doesn’t really show how pretty they were.

I had this ready to go yesterday, then debated whether to post it or not. I see so many wonderful and colorful close up photos of flowers, and the ones I take are just not the same. Also, I have gone absolutely nowhere lately to take a picture of any flowers. I don’t really want to add one I’ve already shown, so…

I looked through my photo albums, and found this one. Maybe I can go somewhere (usually the grocery store) to take some new flower pictures soon. 🙂




For Cee’s Flower of the Day:

Flower of the Day – November 9, 2017 – Camellia


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  1. I love this picture! It communicates so much more than a digitally enhanced, filter added, color bursting photo (those are fun too, just do not have the same impact). This is real and instantly opens a flood gate of precious memories. 💕


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