Spiro’s Gyros -NanoPoblano – Day 4


Spiros Gyros – NanoPoblano – Day 4 


It’s approaching that time again



Just another little story using the words from the game “Words With Friends”. I try to use all the words played in the game to make up a short, fun piece. The words from the game are in bold … Enjoy! 




Mr. and Mrs. Spiro had a plan. They wanted to own and open a Greek restaurant in their town. Nothing would deter them.

After much hard work and determination, it was finally within reach. They opened their dream restaurant on the third day of the month, and called it “Spiro’s Gyros“. It had been a small, worn, building when they bought it, but they knew if it was a success, they could expand to a larger storefront.

Mrs. Spiro would be doing the cooking, as it was her family’s recipes, from the old country, she’d be using. She was also very good at peeling potatoes. Mr. Spiro would be running the business side of the shop. First, though, they had to hire a couple of employees. After interviewing several hopefuls, they hired Ne-Na and Di, as waitresses. The girls were young, but were told if they did a good job, there wouldn’t be any cussing from the management.

The restaurant was located on Ox Rout Lane. They hoped to lure customers from the nearby homes, and woo them with their delicious gyros and pita bread meals. The menu included thin shaved meat, and a berry bowl with heavy cream, for desert.

Sometimes, Mr. Spiro would lend a hand in the kitchen, taking jabs and zags at the meat. Mrs. Spiro would tend to the cooking, and wrapping the food in foilIt was a good working relationship.

Di would greet customers, as they came in, with a wave, and say “Hi“, and Ne-Na would jot down their orders on her note pad. The patrons never said ‘yuch‘ at how their food tasted. It was all good.

The owners were happy to give back to the community. They provided entertainment while the customers ate; a duet would sing arias, with ease. Every night they’d sing the same ones. When their contract was over, they went on to find fame in the big city. They didn’t just fade away. You may have heard of them…Qi-Nor and A-Bod.

So, in the end, the Greek restaurant Mr. and Mrs. Spiro envisioned long ago, found fame, too. It became the ‘go to’ place for many years.


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2017 BS

(first written 11/16/14)


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    • It is fun and a bit of a challenge to see if you can use all the words played. And, I read your next comment… Do you work any scrabble or crossword type games, on line or on the real game, or a paper book? Those would work just fine, too. If you have a hankering to play Words With Friends, give me a holler! 😉

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