Random Post – Random List


Random Post – Random List

  • Doctor appointment this morning … all checked out well
  • Computer still randomly messed up
  • Behind on posting posts
  • Behind on blog challenges
  • Behind on responding to comments
  • Behind on reading your posts
  • Behind on leaving comments and likes
  • Breakfast was very late
  • Ramen noodles for late lunch (in a few minutes)
  • Gave Cricket her brushing and catnip
  • Got my rocks partially painted
  • Wind is blowing like crazy out there, but it’s sunny
  • Found a few jigsaw puzzle pieces, then couldn’t find any more
  • Text with daughter very early, she said she found a note from my grandson
  • Note was list for Santa
  • Note said in big letters that he missed his grandparents (awww, so sweet)
  • Will get busy on posts and comments soon

Wishing y’all a sincere thank you for stopping by for a visit! Peace }i{


© 2017 BS


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